In a year of change, “Trazo” redrawing itself and enters a new era. The pandemic, beyond the evident and immediate negativity in the lives of all of us, is an open door of opportunity after the health tragedy is overcome.
It is a new world for humanity in general and for the Drawing Culture in particular. A new possibility of redrawing ourselves based on reflection and with the time of each draw, the time of thought and self-knowledge. All of this can and should be enhanced by digital as a technological addition to pencil and paper.
Drawing is within us, in our mind. With him we see the world. Its materialization gains new formalizations and possibilities so that we can share, as always, the singularity from the point of view of each one with its own expressiveness in the diversity of each “trazo” (trait).

This year, in October, we will do a retrospective in webinar format with guests from the previous four editions. Keep an eye out for updates!

Urban Sketchers: João Luciano, Miguel Silva and Pedro Loureiro
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