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Pedro Loureiro




Born in the southwesternmost corner of Europe, in Lagos, Portugal.
A childhood of legos and sandcastles led him to architecture school, but an adolescence of doodling drove him to illustration. Works halfway between the two professions, as an architecture illustrator.
Likes to sketch, to travel and to chop vegetables into tiny manageable bits. Teaches sketching workshops regularly and tells his stories in the blog Storysketching and in Urban Sketchers Portugal.
He was a regular writer for Drawing Attention and has a side project with two fellow sketchers called The Wedding Sketchers.

Vicente Sardinha




Married, two children, living in Vila Viçosa.

Geometry teacher at the Públia Hortênsia de Castro secondary school.
Part of the Urban Sketchers Portugal since 2009, of Évora Sketchers since 2014, and USk Raia since 2016.

Paulo Monteiro




Born in Vila Nova de Gaia in 1967. Graduate in Letters at the Universidade de Lisboa.
Lives in Beja, his adopted city. Has been (and is) interested in different activities. Worked in the grape harvest, wandered in different locations playing Buster Keaton and Charlot films, wrote for radio and newspapers as a young journalist, worked at the docks in Alcântara, wrote songs, played guitar in nursing homes, was a teacher of geography and natural sciences, designed theater sets and costumes, performed Chinese shadow play and puppetry shows, took part in archaeological excavations, etc.
Curated tens of exhibitions on sculpture, illustration, ancient and contemporary painting, etc.
Directs the Bedeteca de Beja and the Festival Internacional de Banda Desenhada de Beja since 2005.
Published his first comic book – O amor infinito que te tenho – in 2010, which was released in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France, Poland, Serbia, and soon in the United Kingdom and in Romania.

Sílvia Lézico




Sílvia (1978) is a designer and illustrator.
Has a long term fascination with folk art, for its authentic shapes, textures and materials.
In 2012, she started working inspired by one of the most significant Portuguese cultural values – the pastoral art – in which she has been exploring its contemporary art potential.

USk Raia

Virtual Exhibitions at
Paiol da Conceição (Elvas)



The regional group of sketchers from Elvas (USk Raia) invites three of its members to exhibit in its 360º virtual gallery: João Luciano, Miguel Silva and Pedro Loureiro.
This initiative presents itself as a novelty to integrate the seasons (between TRAZOS’s editions) on a digital platform. These galleries will be constantly renovated with new spaces and new guests, always expanding and interconnected in a “labyrinthine” way.


Luís Ançã

(Évora Sketchers)




Born in Lisboa, 1955. Visual artist. Degree in Visual Arts/Painting in the Escola Superior de Belas Artes of Lisboa.
Visual arts school teacher from 1978 onward. Regularly partakes in art exhibitions since 1975. Parallel to experimenting in the visual arts, has been exploring the recording of daily reality in situ, in visualizations that go beyond naturalism.
Cooperates with the Urban Sketchers Portugal since 2009.

Charo Marina




A keen fan of sport hiking, for three years she recorded her paths in an objective and non-illustrative way. She just drew the paths and wrote down the landmarks.
In 2015, she gets in touch with the Urban Sketchers in a meeting in Aracena, Huelva, and from then onward, she starts recording her hiking maps with illustrations. So her paths are born.
In the following meetings with Urban Sketchers, she observes, asks and sketches with them.
Starts to partake in different art meetings such as “La semana de arquitectura”, in Sevilla, and the “Malagráfica”.

Pedro Lavado




Madrid 1949. PhD in Art History, from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His Summa Cum Laude doctoral thesis “Moros y Moriscos en la Tierra de Campos: sus realizaciones artísticas” was distinguished with a doctorate extraordinary merit award.
Professor of Spanish and Hispano-American Art History in the Kunsthistorisches Institut of Heidelberg (1978-1979).
Employee of the Ministry of Education, by opposition: Professor of Art History in the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos Maestro Mateo of Santiago de Compostela (1983)
Tutor of Art History in the Centro Asociado de Madrid in UNED from 1979 until now (2017-2018).
Employee of the Ministry of Culture: Faculty employee of the museum conservation corps.
Director of the Regional Museum of Murcia (1984-1986).
Head of the education department of the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid (1986-1992).
Head of the works of art service of the Spanish Historical Heritage Institute (1992-1999).

Domingos Isabelinho




Writes about comic books since the faraway year of 1990, when he worked for the first time in “Nemo”, the fanzine of Manuel Caldas. Other fanzine and magazine collabs followed (“Azul BD Três”, “Satélite Internacional”, “Splat!”, “Quadrado”) as well as catalogues of the Porto, Lisboa and Amadora Comic Festivals.
On an international level, he wrote for “The Comics Journal”, “International Journal of Comic Art” (USA) and “L’Indispensable” (France).
Took part in the book “1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die”, published in the UK. Wrote the introduction to the Italian reprint of “I Laberint de Guido Buzzelli”.
With the advent of the Internet, he went in the blogosphere with his own blog “The Crib Sheet”, and Noah Berlatsky’s “The Hooded Utilitarian” (USA), in which he wrote the column “Monthy Stumblings”.
Has a special interest in marginal authors and the crossing of comics with other arts.

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