montras catalogo V2

In 2013 we carried out what we consider the zero event of what TRAZO would be.
That year we held a national meeting of urban sketchers in Elvas which resulted, in addition to the TRAZO’s seed project, a very interesting set of drawings of the town that came to illustrate the “Elvas’s Shop Window” (exhibition in the streets of the city with the drawings enlarged to windows scale) and consequent catalog publication.


In October 2016 we created the catalog for that year’s event: TRAZO 16. In it we can find all the information about the authors who participated, the patent exhibitions, the workshops and the space where everything happened (Grace Fortress in Elvas).


With TRAZO 16 we took the initiative to make an annual publication that summarized and perpetuated the event that had taken place. The idea was to have a detailed catalog / magazine that precedes the event and, at the same time, it would be a communication vehicle for the future TRAZOs. As a publication for sale, it becomes a source of revenue that partially allows for the sustainability of the festival. You can help this initiative by purchasing paper publications.

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