“Riscos e Rabiscos”

 In Mural, UrbanSketching

Storefronts of vacant or unoccupied establishments in the streets of the historical center of Torres Vedras (Portugal).

As in Elvas in 2015, the old town of Torres Vedras will become an ongoing dynamo of creativity, between November and December 2020, with the intervention of 10 sketchers (including Vicente Sardinha and Pedro Loureiro from USk Raia) in 10 showcases of vacant shops, within program of the 2020 City Festivities.

photos from the Facebook pages of Pedro Loureiro and Vicente Sardinha

The initiative Riscos e Rabiscos (Traces and Scribbles) is coordinated by the “Cooperativa de Comunicação e Cultura” in partnership with the Municipality of Torres Vedras, and aims to celebrate, to promote and invigorate the local commerce of the historical city center, create an aesthetic connection between the artists’ work and the space, in an appreciation of the place we live.

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