Shop Windows show Elvas

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With the 2008 financial crisis, the world was going through a difficult period of depression. For many people, life has become very conditioned and affected. But from negativity, many knew how to extract opportunities, discovering new activities and perspectives.

The city center of Elvas, UNESCO World Heritage, was no exception in the confrontation with the unfavorable economic context of that time. Local commerce, a source of income for many families, was devastated and the city became a ghost temporarily. The decrepit air of the streets, without the vitality of other times, and with their empty windows, was the reason that led UrbanSketchers, together with the local political power and the AIAR association, to hold a meeting (2013) in which came produce drawings that, later expanded (2014) on vinyl, provided a temporary exhibition on the scale of urbanism and abroad. The shop windows, decorated with the USk’s drawings, came to life and enticed visitors to return to the center. The careless air was corrected in this way, even though the solution was only apparent as long as the structural and underlying problem persisted (but in a disguised way).

At that time, the seed of an idea was also launched: a periodic drawing festival for a city drawn by military engineering and which later came to be embodied in Traço, the International Drawing Festival of AlémTejo.

Today, although the pandemic is reminiscent of other times (but for different reasons), we find that the city has always known how to be reborn and reinvent itself with the “little”, unusual and immediately available that the perseverance of the locals knew how to envision and carry on.

We remember (ReDesign) this way these moments of a memorable exhibition: “Shop Windows show Elvas”.

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