War Council

In preparation for the Restoration War (1641-1668), the War Council was set up in Elvas, for which a large building was built in São Martinho Square.
Here, the high ranks of the Portuguese Army, discussed military tactics that led to victory, for example, in the Battle of “Linhas de Elvas” (Elvas’s lines). Also here, the exemption of recruitment of the people of Elvas was decided from 1710, making the factors for which the building has a symbolic character multiple.
The General Audit also functioned here from 1674 and in the following centuries its importance declined. The final point of the War Council was in 1875 with the creation of Territorial War Councils with the Command of the Military Divisions. The Military Cooperative and the Post and Telegraph Station were installed there in the 20th century and today the building is the headquarters of the Portuguese Red Cross and partly occupied by a nursery.
The building was built where the second Muslim fence once stood, which is still present through its architecture. The entrance has a double porch in masonry equipped in the shape of a hat with pinnacles at the end and at the door we can see the royal weapons. Over the entrance door of the hall, the Portuguese weapons in polychrome plaster with the date of 1781 are again present. In the main hall, we find a painting with warlike attributes. The exterior side aspect is simple with windows with 17th and 18th century iron railings.

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