Convent of “Nossa Senhora dos Remédios”

It originated in a donation made by L. A. Reguengo and his wife, M. Domingues (1418), of a piece of land in the Provence of Rio Torto. There, the convent of “Nossa Senhora dos Remédios” was built and maintained until 1593. Subsequently, under license from D. Filipe I, the “Paulistas” moved to the hermitage of Saint Sebastian to which the Câmara de Elvas (1598) annexed a mango next to Canção’s brook. Then another change of religious to the Rossio of the chapel of Saint Peter, outside the walls, next to the Évora’s Gate. In this place the convent remained until 1658, the year it was mined and demolished, by order of D. Sancho Manuel. Finally, the Order of Saint Paul moves to the convent built inside the Corner’s Gate. Construction began on October 28, 1679 and was completed on December 31, 1721.

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